January 16, 2019 I We just released a management report for free download (see our menu „FREE reports“) in which we analyzed key financial data from the TOP 25 pharma-based health care companies with revenues of more than US$ 10 bln in the fiscal year 2017.

The report entitled „TOP 25 Pharma Groups in 2017“ provides rankings established for total revenues, total R&D costs, operating income and net income. Human pharmaceutical sales as well as non-pharma revenues of the TOP 25 Pharma Groups were analyzed by business segments.

70.7% of the total revenues of all 25 companies corresponded to sales of originator, patent-protected human ethical pharmaceutical drugs. Nine of the 25 companies are pure play ethical pharma companies while the other 16 companies were diversifed into other business segments ranging from generics, biosimilars, over the counter and consumer health care as well as plasma products to vaccines and animal healthcare or diagnostics, devices and instruments up to crop science, life science or performance materials. CMO and service business are of minor importance.

Overall, the 25 pharma-based health are companies invested 17.3% of their revenues in reseach and development, which corresponded to US$ 4.94 bln on average per company (mininum of US$ 0.8 bln, maximum of US$ 11.5 bln). Net income was positive for 21 companies which was on average US$ 4.73 bln, while four companies reported a loss for net income.