La Merie Publishing offers the service of preparing customized reports tailored to the needs and specifications of the customer. We conduct scientific & medical literature evaluations for clients of the biopharmaceutical industry within the scope of our expertise. Target or technology pipeline and corporate benchmark analysis and assessment reports can be prepared according to the specifications of the client from the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

We typically work on the basis of a preset deadline for delivery of the report and a fixed-price budget based on a mutually agreed study plan with definition of the deliverables.

Since 2005, we screen every business day press releases from the life science industry and post selected news about biopharmaceutical R&D in our news portal The information of these news is uploaded to our proprietary R&D database which is further fed with information from direct searches for target, technology and company pipeline projects.

When preparing a tailor-made report for a custumor, we mostly work along an information gathering phase, an information structuring phase and a conclusion phase. Information is obtained by primary and secondary (desktop) searches. Our standard methodology includes use of our proprietary R&D database. Further information about R&D projects is identified and retrieved from company publications including, but not limited to, press releases, presentations, website disclosures, SEC publications, regulatory documents, scientific abstracts and full papers, patent applications. Furthermore, public databases are used including national and regional clinical trial databases, e.g. and scientific publication databases, e.g. PubMed. 

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